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PivotIT Solutions is a fast growing, global, innovative IT Services firm specializing in Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Digital Transformation solutions to our clients. Founded on the premise of providing an unprecedented level of service and quality, we provide custom solutions for our clients designed around their specific needs. No two clients are the same to us. Providing custom solutions to complex IT business problems with a hands-on approach creates environments and systems that meet our customers industry-specific needs. We strive to truly partner with our clients by listening first and working through the issues together to allow them to achieve the maximum benefit from their data and technology.

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We Are Here to Address Your Technology Needs

Improve Business Value

By identifying the resources and capabilities needed to generate lasting results. Focus your investments on what matters most, ensure the right people and processes are in place, reduce complexity, and be confident that your large-scale projects will meet or exceed expectations.

Think Customer

Support industry-leading customer loyalty by always empathizing with our customers and considering their needs in priority on everything we do.

Go Digital

Enable Multichannel digital delivery of our services. Embrace digitization, data science, experimentation and Agile Product Development to generate insights and drive innovation in a cost effective way . We say "Go-Digital" with PivotITS and feel the difference.

Drive Operational Excellence

Optimize the way You work through automation, process efficiency and prioritization to achive you organizations performance objectives.

Our Services

Custom IT Solutions for Your Successful Business

Consulting Services

PivotITS with its service offerings developed over years of industry experience is uniquely positioned to provide scalable IT Consulting/Staffing Solutions to meet customer’s resources needs.

Data Analytics

Data is available in abundance. An organization using its data wisely stays ahead of the game. PivotITS provide tailor made solutions to empower you with the ability to harvest your data.

Application Development

Often, the software that suits your specific needs simply isn’t available in the market. Through PivotITS, you can gain consulting and delivery expertise in end to end application development.

Mobile Aplication

Our Mobile Application Team focuses on developing solutions and capabilities in the mobile space. Using the latest technologies, We works with Customers to offer end-to-end mobile solutions.

Quality Assurance

Our established testing approach employs a wide range of industry-standard testing tools that leverage established methodologies to deliver superior software quality and enhanced business readiness.

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